Why do Mormons have Mormon family night?

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Mormon family night is not exactly what they call this occurrence. Mormons have a special evening set aside every week that they call family home evening.

This can be held any day of the week but it is suggested that this event be held on Monday. That way the burdens of the week will have yet to build up on the individual family members. Mormons firmly believe that the teaching of the Bible and other scriptures should be taught at home and only reinforced at church on Sunday. This means that parents must make time to encourage their children and each other during the week to study the scriptures.

One of the events of most family home evenings is therefore a small scripture study, but that is not the only thing that occurs on these occasions. The night usually begins and ends with prayers and is interspersed with singing, laughter, and games. The singing is usually hymns or songs that teach a lesson. The games also usually continue the theme of the teachings for the night.

This night is used to teach but also used to bond the family together as a unit. Family is the centerpiece of most Mormon homes. This may refer to a husband and wife it may also mean a grandmother and her three grandchildren or any group that are family. They focus on how each member can help and serve each other or how as a unit they can help and serve others. This idea is usually reinforced during family home evening by making different family members responsible for each of the different aspects of the night. For instance one person is responsible for the scripture study while another is responsible for choosing what hymns to sing.

Sometimes the typical Monday night family home evening may be changed so that the family as a whole can go out and provide service to either other church members or to the community at large like serving at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. One Family even had two family home evening nights. One night they did the normal family home evening and another night in the week they visited a home for the aged together.

The family home evening is also a way for Mormons to share their beliefs with others. They do this by inviting friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to join them on these nights. One reason Mormons like to do this is because often they are faced with people who don’t understand that the way they live their lives is just their way to glorify their God. By sharing this special night with people who are not family they hope to show them how they worship. They may also use this time to minister to their friends in hopes that they may share the love they feel towards Jesus Christ.

That is why Mormon family night also known as family home evening is held. It gives them a night to spend with their families and to share their beliefs among each other and with people who are not family.

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