What is in The Book of Mormon?

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The Book of Mormon is a record of ancient America spanning between about 2600 BC, to AD 421. (The Bible spanning between The Creation of the Earth, to about 70 AD). The Book of Mormon was first published by Joseph Smith Jr. in March of 1830. The book contains the writings of many ancient prophets and is more a record of spiritual matters and doctrines than a detailed historical account.

The Book of Mormon is primarily a historical account of two peoples. Both The Nephites, and The Lamanites. The record begins with the writings of a prophet named Nephi who, with his family, traveled from Jerusalem, all the way to the Americas both through wilderness, and across an ocean. Once in The Americas, or "The Promised Land" as recorded by Nephi, they grow in numbers, and establish themselves as the people of Nephi, or "Nephites". All the while, Nephi's older brother Laman, who does not want to be ruled by his younger brother, separates himself from the people of Nephi and calls his followers "Lamanites". The Promised Land, (namely Central America) is taken to mean a land that is promised to a people by The Lord, as long as they are faithful, and obey the commandments that are given them.

The Book of Mormon is separated into books named after the prophet who kept the record of the people of Nephi when the book was written. Although many books, like the book of Mosiah (to give one example), also includes the account of a prophet named Alma.

The Books in the Book of Mormon are as follows:

First Book of Nephi

Second Book of Nephi

Book of Jacob

Book of Enos

Book of Jarom

Book of Omni

The Words of Mormon

Book of Mosiah

Book of Alma

Book of Helaman

Third Nephi

Fourth Nephi

Book of Mormon

Book of Ether

Book of Moroni

The book of Mormon was abridged by the prophet Mormon Between AD 400, and AD 421. This is where The Book of Mormon got it's name.

The Book of Mormon also includes an account of the people of Jared, or "Jaredites", Who lived many generations before the people of Nephi, who were also led to The Promised Land. In this account, which is in The Book of Ether, They are promised that as long as they believe in Christ, and follow his commandments, they will remain in The Promised land Forever. However, the people of Jared fail to live up to the promise that was given to them, and they are swept off from the face of Their Promised Land.

The main purpose of The Book of Mormon is to Testify of the Savior Jesus Christ. The crowning historical event recorded in The Book of Mormon is the appearance of Jesus Christ to the people of the Americas immediately following his resurrection. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or The LDS Church, believe that The Book of Mormon is the cornerstone of their religion, and that it contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Meaning that there are many doctrines and principles in The Book of Mormon that are not contained within the Bible alone. The Book of Mormon is not meant to replace The Bible, as many have criticized, but to be a companion to it. The book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.

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